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Importance of Trademark Protection

Having a strong brand will influence the decision of your customers. Do not hesitate to protect your trademark!

A trademark is a useful tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your customers will recognise your brand and associate it with your product, thus giving you a competitive advantage. Famous brands are for example Coca-Cola, Porsche or Nike.

Establishing a strong brand is a long and costly process. To ensure that your brand is not misused by your competitors you need to ensure trademark protection. As soon as you have protected your brand, it is forbidden for other companies to use your trademark for their advantage.

There are three types of trademarks; the word mark, the figurative mark and the word and figurative mark.

Word mark

A word mark is a brand or logo that consists of words, letters or numbers. Examples are Microsoft or VW. However, common words that are included in a dictionary cannot be protected (for example, it is not possible to protect as a brand the word "carpentryā€¯ for the activity of a carpenter).


Figurative mark

A figurative mark is a brand or logo that consists only of an image. Examples are the Nike symbol or the M of McDonalds.


Word and figurative mark

A word and figurative mark is a brand or logo that consists of a particular graphic syntax. Examples are the logos of Ebay and Google.