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From business idea to successful company

The specialists at STARTUPS.CH will be happy to help you develop your business model!

1.) Business Planning

Businessplan.pngAre you no longer aware of the development and validation of your business idea? We can help you develop your business model and vision. Do you need support with market analysis, customer surveys or first steps towards market entry? We are happy to address your individual questions and needs on the way to independence.


2.) Financial Planning


Are you having difficulties planning your finances? It is important for you to have an overview of the financial expectations of the first years and it is essential that the financial planning is realistic and in line with the business plan. We can help you in a consultation to set up and coordinate your financial planning.



3.) Business Plan Check

Check.pngAre you uncertain about the quality or completeness of your business plan? In a business plan check we check your business plan. The narrative part is subjected to a content and comprehensibility check, while an initial financial plan is checked for plausibility. You will be prepared for the fine-tuning of your business plan with keyword-like feedback and a 45-minute phone call. 


Our offer at a glance:

Find the right offer for you in the overview and do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

 CHF 200.-/Hour  CHF 200.-/Hour CHF 690.-
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Business Planning 

Financial Planning

Business Plan Check




  • Clarification of the initial situation: Where do you stand and where are you going?

  • Validation and development of the business idea and vision

  • Market analysis, appearance, customer surveys

  • Reaction to individual needs


  • Dealing with individual financial planning

  • Financial overview of the first financial years

  • Coordination with business plan


  • Control of content and completeness
  • Narrative and financial coordination

  • Constructive feedback

  • Telephonic discussion

If you cannot find your tailored solution here, we at STARTUPS.CH will nevertheless do our best to assist you with support or contacts. Simply arrange a consultation or get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!