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The Business Plan - Your Company's Manifesto

The business plan is a document that helps you to plan your company's business. It should not be a static document that is captured once and then becomes dusty. Further adapt the business plan to the company's development. Serious business planning helps to significantly reduce risks and increase the potential for success. 

Why is a business plan needed?

Internal Perspective External Perspective
  • Evaluation of the business idea
  • Structuring and planning of the project
  • Risk minimization
  • To Maximize your potential
  • Funding
  • Investors
  • Partnerships
  • Contracts (rent,...)

Numerous arguments speak for an early and detailed examination of the business idea. The STARTUPS.CH team will be happy to support you in this process:

Schwerpunkte.png What should you pay attention to when drawing up the business plan? Focus
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