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How to successfully start a business?

Your start-up will only become a successful business with the right preparation. This may sound simplistic; however, careless preparation is the most common reason why many initially promising businesses fail to flourish. There are many hurdles on the path to a successful business concept, but most can be overcome.

1. A good business Idea

The idea has to be good. People starting up a business know their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of their competitors. They know exactly how they are going to assert themselves in the market, whether it is because they offer a better product, a special service or because they have an innovative distribution channel.

Tips for the development of an innovative business idea

2. Experience in the field

Ideally, an entrepreneur should already have some experience in the sector where he or she wishes to start his or her own business activities. Statistics show that those with previous experience have above average rates of success.

3. The will to succeed and confidence

Successful entrepreneurs spare no effort. They have to be willing to work between 50 and 60 hours each week and must be willing to go without vacation time. Because of this, the support of their families and friends is crucial. Only if you are confident in yourself and your idea, will you be able to assert yourself. Confidence means that you are optimistic and that you believe in your future. An entrepreneur has to face challenges throughout ongoing change and must not be discouraged by failure.

Focus on your start-up, we consult you from the business plan to the company founding and take care of administrative tasks for you.

4. Business-Plan

The business plan is the blueprint for the formation of your business. This instrument, which constantly needs to be modified according to the latest developments, makes it possible to act systematically and to spot problems early on. This allows that appropriate countermeasures can be taken sooner rather than later.

Create on easily and for free your business plan (at the moment only on German available) or make use of our consulting.

5. Financial control

It is not necessary for a young entrepreneur to be swimming in money. However, the success of a business can often take longer than anticipated. Therefore, financial needs should not be calculated too conservatively. Knowledge of business management enables you to act quickly while also keeping your finances and liquidity under control. Profits should be reinvested in the business.

Get to know external financing opportunities

6. Clear marketing concept

A successful jump into self-employment is only possible with a clear vision of how one would like to bring one’s product or service to the market.

Invest in online marketing or get to know the possibilities in a course (at the moment only on German available).

7. Competitive advantage

Success has to be achieved over and over again by means of planning, development and research. You must not lose your competitive edge. In this regard, action is better than reaction.

8. Management support

The impact of a young entrepreneur is greater if he or she can take advantage of the knowledge of experienced managers. Possible advisors can be financiers, lawyers or successful entrepreneurs. They may be able to open doors for you that would otherwise have remained shut.

Ask our business plan team for the suitable contacts in your branch.

9. Cooperation

People rarely have the same specific expertise. By building up a network of cooperation a young entrepreneur you can access additional useful know-how, which could otherwise be very expensive to come by.

Use our contacts to important organisations in the Swiss start-up scene.

10. Staying power

The brilliant idea is found, the market analysis, marketing concept, business strategy and finances defined and processed in the business plan. The step into self-employment nothing is standing in the way. With immediate effect you need staying power – a new founding is a marathon, which you can’t manage without external help. Focus on your start-up, we consult you from the business plan to the company founding and take care of administrative tasks and have a look at the offerings from our partners. Together with our partners we support you before, during and after the founding, no matter if you have questions for planning, taxes, legal or insurance related issues.

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