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Steps of Company Foundation

Here is a list of the steps to establish your own start-up. We also want to show you how STARTUPS.CH can help you found your company. In addition we want to give you a brief overview of the duration of each step.

The undertaking of turning a business idea into ownership of a business is a long, but manageable process. Aside from the will and motivation that is required of a company founder, the following formal steps are needed to start one's own formal company.

1. Idea

A convincing business idea is the basis for almost every successful company launch. The idea may be innovative in that it envisions a product or service that does not yet exist. It is also possible that the idea simply takes an already existing product or service and improves upon it.


2. Choice of the correct legal form

The choice of the correct legal form for your company is influenced by several factors: number of participating persons, necessary seed capital, desired liability (private or only share capital), public perception (a corporation [AG], for instance, is considered to be more legitimate than a GmbH).

You can find more information on the characteristics of the different legal forms later on in the chapter on legal questions.

During your personal consultation, STARTUPS.CH can recommend and explain the ideal legal form for your start-up, based on your personal situation.


Duration without STARTUPS.CH: 1 - 3 days

Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 15 - 60 minutes in the form of a consultation


3. Implementation / Drafting of Documents

The implementation of the company formalization begins with the drafting of all necessary documents (articles of association, official record, entry in the commercial register etc.). One of STARTUPS.CH's attorneys will take care of these tasks for you.

With only a few clicks you are able to calculate an offer for founding your company. If you are content with the offer, you can sign up as a user and submit your company's information and formalize your business online. This process generally does not take more than 15 minutes. Upon completion, a STARTUPS.CH attorney will check your information and contact you over the telephone. You will receive all foundation-relevant business start documents within 24 hours (on workdays) via e-mail.


Duration without STARTUPS.CH: 7 - 14 days

Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 24 hours at the most (on workdays)


4. Letter of deposit of the deposited share capital

In order to carry out the business formalization process, we require a letter of deposit of the deposited share capital (only for the foundation of a corporation [AG] or limited liability company [GmbH]).

To receive the letter of deposit you must deposit the share capital in a Swiss bank, which will issue you a letter of confirmation of deposit.

STARTUPS.CH can assist you when depositing your share capital. Thanks to our partnership with Credit Suisse we can offer you the service at special conditions.


Duration without STARTUPS.CH: 4–7 days

Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 3–5 days


5. Notarization of the foundational documents

To be able to enter your company into the commercial register, all foundation documents and the letter of deposit must be authenticated and certified through a notary (only for corporations). After the notarization, the documents are sent to the responsible commercial register in order to be registered. STARTUPS.CH, as part of the service, also takes care of this step for you.


Duration without STARTUPS.CH: 3 - 7 days

Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 1 - 3 days


6. Entry into the commercial register and verification of the certificate of registration

After notarization, the foundational documents are passed on to the office of the commercial register in order to create the entry for your newly founded company. It is essential that the submitted documents are free of errors and that they conform to the requirements of the cantonal commercial register. Faulty documents would be sent back for correction, which results in additional costs and a longer waiting time. STARTUPS.CH is known to cantonal commercial registers and enjoys a good reputation for the correctness of the documents that are submitted. This is part of the reason why almost all submissions are carried out quickly and without complication.

If you found your company with STARTUPS.CH and make use of our services, we will receive an excerpt from the commercial register to check your entry. It is often observed that the commercial register makes typing errors; we inform the authorities if we see any mistakes and let them make necessary corrections.

Once the commercial register entry is complete, the deposited seed capital is at the disposal of the company founders.


Duration without STARTUPS.CH: 14 days - 6 weeks

Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 12 days on average


7. Overview of duration



Duration without STARTUPS.CH

Duration with STARTUPS.CH

1. Choice of the correct legal form

1-3 days

15 minutes in the form of a consultation

2. Implementation/Drafting of Documents

7-14 days

24 hours at the most (on workdays)

3. Letter of deposit of the deposited share capital

3-7 days

1-3 days

4. Notarization of the foundational documents

3-7 days

1-3 days

5. Entry into the commcercial register and verification of the certificate of registration

14-42 days

Average of 12 days