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Costs of a Company Foundation

Starting your own company is expensive. Below we have listed all costs that might occur.


For the following legal forms certain cost benchmarks can be applied. In Switzerland though the costs of founding a company are different in every canton. The price can vary as shown.

  • Public limited company (AG): CHF 1750 – 3000 (cash)
  • Limited liability company (GmbH): CHF 1230 – 2000 (cash)
  • Sole enterprise: CHF 500 – 900
  • Limited partnership: CHF 300 – 900

Thanks to the cost contribution of our partners (Credit Suisse, AXA, Swisscom, Sage, Aduno and Creditreform) you pay less. Depending on which partner you choose, the foundation is (apart from the registering costs for the Swiss Commercial Register) even free. To determine the costs you would have — including the partner discount — you can use our price calculator. With the STARTUPS.CH Price Calculator you can figure out your costs within a few clicks.

When founding an AG or GmbH you need to take into account additional costs for an audit certificate, incorporation report and agreement on the contribution in kind (approx. CHF 1000).

STARTUPS.CH Price Calculator 


Apart from the constitutive documents you will also need contracts:

  • Employment contract: CHF 230 - 750
  • Terms and Conditions (AGB): CHF 300 - 1000
  • Shareholder’s agreement: CHF 950 - 2000
  • Articles of association: CHF 750 - 2000
  • Trademark protection: CHF 300 – 1000

You can also use the STARTUS.CH Price Calculator to evaluate the costs of your contracts.


Calculate costs for further contracts