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Your Swiss market entry

You want set up your business in Switzerland but you do not know how? Maybe you lack proximity to your potential target customers or need some quantification of your relevant target segments. Maybe you are looking for an appropriate location to set up a shop or simply need all the necessary permits.


We at STARTUPS.CH will provide you with the network you need, support you in all
your business questions, tackle your legal topics and give you practical administrative



1. Kickoff-Meeting

In the first meeting you will tell us what your business is all about and let us know what
your timeline is - then we will make a project plan and provide you with a project offer.

2. Research

We will provide you with custom legal and administrative framework and provide you with industry, market & competitor analysis.

3. Goals

Know let us get your targets and goals to paper. We will set up your market entry and growth strategy and make sure we know where your positioning in the Swiss market will be.


4. Strategy & planning expansion

Now let us plan your growth strategy, make your marketing mix and figure out all the steps to be taken in particular. In this step we will decide on where you will set up your shop and get your foundation done.

5. Entry

Now you are ready to go to market. We will help you to get all necessary permits and
support you getting your first customers and first employees.

6. Follow-up

After successfully entering the Swiss market we will assist you in fiduciary, legal,
business and employee issues and questions.



Starter package: 10 hours for CHF 2,000 excl. VAT.