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Overview of our Services

STARTUPS.CH is the market leader when it comes down to launching start-ups. No one can compete with our extensive knowledge and own lawyers, trustees & consultants. Benefit from our experience of more than 15,000 business start-ups!

Company founding

Commercial register modification

  • Ltd
  • Ltd liab.Co.
  • Sole Propretorship
  • General Partnership


from CHF 199.- up*

*free of charge by choosing our partners

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  • Change company name
  • Change domicile
  • Change of address
  • Change purpose


from CHF 50.- up*

*free of charge by choosing our partners

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Contracts & Trademark protection


  • GTC
  • Contract of employment
  • Trademark protection
  • other services*


from CHF 350.- up

*Shareholders' Agreement, Non-disclosure agreement, Residence Permit

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  • Sole proprietorship -> Ltd
  • Sole proprietorship -> Ltd Liab. Co.
  • General partnership -> Ltd
  • General partnership -> Ltd Liab. Co.


from CHF 1'500.- up


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Course «Found your company»

Personal Consultation

  • Learn the smart way
  • Financing and business plan
  • Tax and VAT
  • Bookkeeping, etc


Free of charge, in Zurich & Geneva


Next courses


  • Company foundation
  • Company name and purpose
  • Tax advice (including advice on VAT)
  • General legal issues

 CHF 150.-* for 1 hour

*As a Voucher for a later company foundation (only for Business and Premium packages)

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Partner Services

  • Services by regional partners
  • Special conditions
  • Support young entrepreneurs
  • Discount on selected services


Exclusively for foundations through STARTUPS.CH


Special Deals


  • AXA-Winterthur up to CHF 500.- discount
  • Credit Suisse up to CHF 200.- discount
  • Swisscom up to CHF 900.- discount
  • many more Partner Services


Our Partners – Your benefits: Our partners will contribute to your costs of foundation.


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